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Clutter Cleanup New York, Hoarding Cleanup New York

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

Real Deal Cleaners began in the early 2005 in Brooklyn New York. In those 15 years we have built a strong and reliable cleaning service. We have an excellent staff. The founder, Nicola started solely as a residential cleaner. Posting ads on craigslist daily just to make ends meet. After about 2 years cleaning up regular spills and making homes dust free, Nicola got a call for Clutter Cleanup. When Nicola went to the home she was overwhelmed with what she saw. There was garbage and newspaper piled up to knee level throughout the whole apartment. It took her two weeks to complete the job by herself and aster she was done , she was sick for about 2 weeks because of having no experience and not wearing the proper protective gear. Everything changed after that for Nicola.

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Company Telephone: 917-348-8103
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